Thursday, November 12, 2009

the really truth

My latest painting titled "the really truth" is at once a triumph and joy to look at, but also a lesson-learned.
This image isn't the best, the frame is borrowed from another painting and the background doesn't help; but that doesn't dampen my soaring spirit and I just wanted to share it. After making simple arbitrary decisions involving color and composition and then following my intuitions, what a pleasant surprise it was to see the end result. Click image for larger view.

The fascinating thing about including metallic paints in a work is that they have an uncanny way of mimicking and blending in with their surroundings until you change the angle of view. Then, when the light hits them they pop out from the background to reveal surprise patterns. From this angle you can't see that a large proportion of the dots are Iridescent Bronze. But seen in a different light, I found them to be a little annoying. - Next time, not so much Bronze.
As for the title - if you listen you'll notice how emphatic and persuasive we can be about portraying the truth. Shouldn't the truth be just a simple explanation of reality without the need to quantify or qualify our version of it ?

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