Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Scribbler


I would imagine that if you showed the top image to a child, they might be convinced that it's a picture of what Heaven will be like; one of the activities that they would be able to participate in - forever.

Otto Zitko is a unique artist indeed, but I think many of us want to not like him simply because he scribbles so much. Looking at his work makes us revisit our feelings about modern art, contemporary art. Just what exactly is important or meaningful ? Is his work just too simple to be important ? There are many times that I'll be viewing new work by young artists and while I'm scratching my head wondering "what were they thinking", I mentally take myself back to deKooning's Woman series - how crazy were those things ?

I'm not asking you to like his work - just to look and consider the feelings they evoke.
Google Images has plenty for you to choose from.

Top image and second image from KunstNet.


Jeffrey Collins: Painter said...

I've dug Otto's paintings since the first time I saw them. With the right painter you can always see the authenticity in their work. It's just a feeling that comes to you when seeing their work.

Fantastic blog. Really digging your writings about various painters. Especially Ingo Meller.

tackad said...

I'm constantly amazed at the variety of oeuvres that are out there. This has been quite an experience.