Thursday, November 05, 2009


To resume our train of thought about calligraphy and graffiti, I'd like to reiterate that technically, there's no difference between the two. At the moment, and in general, you might say that calligraphy is done by a paid professional indoors using pen and ink or watercolors and that graffiti is done by a non professional, outdoors with spray paint and markers. And, as we all know, that is starting to change. The term Graffiti includes cartooning, wheat pasted images, tagging, lowbrow art and simple defacement, so I'd like to officially introduce the word graffigraphy to identify graffiti that is just writing. The easiest way to make my point is to give you the link to HandSelecta, where you can watch 30 different, short (most are under a minute) videos of graffiti artists writing a word or two - showing their style. Here are two examples from that site.

Even though you're watching graffiti being made, you instantly recognize that this is calligraphy.

So - lets call it Graffigraphy.
Now our conversations on this topic can be clearer and more intelligent since we've identified this part of the genre more precisely

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