Monday, January 28, 2008

Calligraphic Paintings

It's been a great trip down memory lane, looking at these old paintings from the 80's and 90's that no longer exist - unless someone went dumpster diving after I drove away. These all fit nicely in an artist's brief that I still have - such a shame I ditched em. The two on the right were particularly special to me. There was an alcove in one of the art supply stores where they had all these flat files stacked so high, with more kinds of paper than you could possibly imagine. These are cotton fibre and I had treated myself to a couple bottles of liquid watercolors (concentrate) also. It was my Christmas present to myself. At the time I was staying at Dieter's shop. Christmas morning I awoke to the sound of silence - no traffic and it was snowing. A good hot cup of coffee and a cig later, I laid out those sheets on the huge work table (had to have been 6'x10') and "had at it". This was not a pretty shop by any means - we're talkin work, here. This place was Used ! So there was absolutely no worry about messing up anything. Character ? Way more than you'd imagine. So, Christmas morning, me, my art supplies and time and space. Pretty much one of those precious pinnacles. . .

The top painting, done with those liquid watercolors and titled "It's Really Hell When You Can't Figure Out What To Do" was done with happy sarcasm. The bottom painting (probably pastel pencils)was a beach scene, titled "Do Da", which I later blacked out except for the two stripes.

Below left, the upper painting is done on both sides of a small piece of Plexiglas, titled "Phrase". The lower drawing, on a very soft, thick paper is "Untitled". I have no dates for any of these.

In the photo to the right, the upper work is titled "What If I Just Went Ahead And Ruined This", because I had done a cool drawing, didn't know where to take it, wanted to write on it and that's what I was thinking at the time. The lower work, titled "We Got Black" was a joke. I was surrounded by black people at work and my personal opinion to all that, is that there are no black or white people (how silly, actually); we're all shades of beige and brown.

And all the pics show the artworks laying on my bed because I had an urge to photograph everything quickly, obviously, and so, well that's just tough.
All three images enlarge.

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