Friday, January 18, 2008

Subverting Failure

This is the painting I spoke of in the Michaela Zimmer Post, titled "This Is The Story Of Love". If you were to tip the painting to the right you can roughly make out what it used to be. It was a landscape, done with colored pencil and acrylic glazes. Layer after layer and time and again I'd work on it only to remain in the same rut poetically. Soooo, I flipped it on it's side, applied bits of 1" masking tape and then painted it a blueish grey. Removed the masking tape and edged the top of each "piece" with silver and the bottom with Payne's grey. Those pieces that you see are not pieces at all, but the original painting showing through. The canvas is completely flat. It was a wrap-around canvas so I framed it from behind and the white rectangle, bottom right, is a flipped up label. A lot of Michaela's paintings look as if she did a light abstract and then put in some arbitrary, solid color areas and then played it on out. That also spoke to me of how we might be able to recycle paintings that just don't cut it.
Some artists Gesso over, and some burn, throw away or donate. Me ? Everything is good for content . . . . .

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