Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Hounds Of ILL-Gotten

Cool title, eh? Two birch panels, pastel abstract and suddenly I see it - a story. There's land and a castle and in the front of the painting are two huge baying, purple hounds. They're almost like ghosts and fill the foreground. So then with the pointillism.

This was a big painting - lots of dots. So to get me through, I thought about an aerial view of the house and yard we grew up in. I can point out the driveway and the fireplace out back and the place where I tossed out my dead goldfish onto the neighbor's drive, the back stairs - you get the picture . . . . When it was all done, my friends told me to reverse the panels. They said it looked better that way. So, here it is. And I did a great job of making a frame for it !
The coolest part is the poem that goes with it.

"The hounds of ill gotten
were baying at noon.

Someone needed
their reward too soon. "

Cool, eh ?

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