Monday, January 14, 2008

Library Show

Eventually I'll use my camera more and see that I need to use a tripod, etc, when shooting pics of my paintings. And eventually I'll figure out the whole lighting thing. But I was on my way back from Williamsport, Pa and stopped at the library on a whim.

Ten of my paintings are on display there, for the month of January. I'm pretty much connected to my computer at the hip and hadn't gotten online since Friday. So a quick stop at the library for emails and a couple quick shots of my paintings made sense. Of all the places we can hang our paintings in our Art Club's circuit, the library is the best; lots of ambient natural light and then spotlights right on the paintings.

As I said, not such hot pics. But would like to point out that I thought these ( paintings) were a particularly successful experiment on my part. Canvases that wrap around the sides can be a bit expensive and to tell the truth, most of the time it's a slight distraction to have to paint over the edge. So I made these panels, and we are talking cheap-O! Take a 2x2, quarter inch birch panel and if you don't like square, just whack some off the side. They have really cheap 1x2's, or something like that, that you make into a frame and glue and nail the panel onto. Won't go into detail here, but there' two simple pieces of wood on the back that I finish with a felt strip and they hold the work out from the wall about an inch or less. To blend everything together and give texture I applied a self-leveling floor compound, with my hands, for the ground. It's kinda messy and fun. Then paint !

The top painting - Elegant Warrior. Bottom - Siamesian.

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