Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kees Goudzwaard

Was wanting to see current work by Kees Goudzwaard so I poked around some image searches and came across these images from Zeno-X Gallery News. These were under the heading - "December 5-9, 2007 Art Basel Miami Beach", which means these were shots of their booth at ABMB. Sure would have been great to be there and seen these in person. There are no captions but I have no doubt that the bright red painting to your right and the grey composition in the middle in the pic below are by Kees. They look like new work.
There's a new fascination, each time I see his work. Knowing that his is a process of tromp l'oeil brings a smile for the sly joke he's offering us. But again and again I come to appreciate the compositions just as they are as if they WERE just masking tape and colored paper. That whole concept really attracts me on several levels and I can't help wondering if there might be other artists who are experimenting with the same materials.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with his work, these are oil on canvas, paintings. He starts out with a model of masking tape and colored paper on canvas and replaces the tape and paper with oil paint. And our eyes are fooled into thinking these are the original compositions.
Unlike other Galleries' websites, at Zeno-X they give you the Full treatment. Scroll down that first page and you'll see 15 of his works. Or click on the Virtual Visit to see 8 more works AND their installation shots. Too bad more galleries don't have these features.

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