Saturday, January 19, 2008

Think About You

is the name of this painting. Once again, apologies for the bad photography. When I got my first digital camera, the idea was just to have a casual record of my paintings for myself. Didn't really think they'd end up online; but here we are. If memory serves . . this was a lite abstract and then some writing. When applying the dots of paint I made a large effort to ignore what was underneath and be random and then make patterns. But you really can't ignore the under painting and in places I would work with the words and enhance them.

That was pretty much an on-going experiment I was doing for a while. Guess you could call it Surprise Painting. You do an abstract and do pointillism on top; the whole while, trying to completely ignore what's underneath and at the end it's a big surprise how it turns out. Hey, I thought it was a valid idea at the time. In a way isn't that in the same category as automatic writing ?

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