Tuesday, January 08, 2008


It's really quite a pleasure anymore, to search for abstract calligraphy. There seems to be a new surprise around every corner. Who knew ?

Found the web site of Richard Widhu and had a good laugh at one of his categories - "Legible Calligraphy" - of which this is one. Top image is "John Cage Quote", watercolor on paper, 17 x 20. With his impressive resume, Richard is a calligrapher, sure enough, but he's one of the more creative ones when it comes to mediums and materials. Most of his work is ink, and watercolor and in some he'll also use colored pencil, graphite, pastels and acrylic. In others he includes leather, tin, lead and gold leaf or silver leaf, to name a few. But whether abstract or legible, there is a purpose and sensibility to his work. His Artist's Statement is very sane and down to earth and you'll enjoy seeing all the different sides to his oeuvre at Widhu-Art.com.

This image, "Arnamag IV" Acrylic, paste on paper - 19 x 24.

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