Friday, December 28, 2007

Achille Perilli


It was very interesting watching this particular Italian's oeuvre come into being and then mature and change and morph and become quite modern. You can read 2, one page biographies here and here. Born in 1945 in Rome, he began to attend courses in literature and art history at the Rome university and graduated under Lionello Venturi, with a thesis on Giorgio De Chirico’s metaphysical paintings. At some point in these biographies, the Russian Avant-garde style of Structuralism and Constructivism are mentioned and bears noting. And then you have this quote from which makes you realize there's been a whole lot of other discussion about his work that we're not privy to. quote"Achille looks to the tradition of abstract modern art, ending up questioning or even rejecting it with his "geometric non-shapes" and his theory of the "geometrically incongruous". Color parts of his paintings refer to the fundamental idea of the removal of the represented."unquote. I didn't go to college, so I won't try to expound on things that are not my forte. What we see in his work, though, strengthens the point I've been trying to make about the importance and pervasiveness of calligraphy in art everywhere.

Take the time to follow some of these links and you can see how he progresses from a simple calligraphic idea to something quite bright, modern and simply complex.

This image, "Il Palazzo delle Delizie" 1982, is from

You'll find 11 images Galleria Verrengia where

Left, "Composition In Black and Sepia" 1957,
image from

The middle, Right image "La nota libertina" 1964, is from Beni Culturali, they have 4 images.

Notice the dates on these paintings. In the 1957 composition there's just some simple gestural lines and drips going on. In the scratchy looking 1960 piece these lines have jelled into what could be mistaken for writing. Then in "La Nota Libertina" from 1964 he absolutely IS writing and creating positive and negative spaces by using the closed areas of the cursive letters. Something so simple as writing a few words and then filling in the closed spaces of the f's and y's etc, now generates a composition. The bright modern works from 1982 and 1992 make it seem that he's abandoned all this for geometry. I don't think so. Look closely at the last work here from 2003(or 05). Couldn't this also be a word or phrase that's morphed into a simple construction of color ? How sweet.
You'll find 19 works here, five from 1956 and the rest from '92 to '04.

Top image, "Amour - Belle oisiau" 1992 one of 4 images from Artantide.


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