Sunday, December 02, 2007

Collage & Calligraphy


Here's a nice combination - collage and calligraphy. This is the work of Silvia Cordero Vega and the images are from her site - lacaligrafia.
She can play fast and loose with her pen or she can be more formal and normal. But the collage pieces work for me. I'm a big fan of layering.
When we see letters and words, especially in our own language, we try to read them - that's what words are for; you read them because they convey information. And sometimes we might just appreciate the shapes of letters or enjoy noticing and thinking about the gesture that made them. But when the words are unreadable we are then forced to accept them wholly as components of the composition. Because we speak English, when we spot the words OLD FASHIONED, we read it. In fact we read it each and every time we look at it. The large upper right area that's filled with script, we cannot read and so we can only accept it as shapes and composition, content.

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