Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Homage or Diss or Joke

Today starts all things ABMB (Art Basel Miami Beach). And as I'm able, I'll direct you to blogs that have pics of the event.
I've never seen a Donald Judd work in person, but from what I've seen on the net they'd be quite delicious for the eye and relaxing and soothing for the mind. A very recognizable and iconic image of his work from Eikongraphia is on the left. Other similar pieces have sold at auction for well over a million dollars.
On the right we have a work, made of cardboard boxes and priced at $14,000 by Jose Davila at the Travesia Cuatro Arte Contemporaneo Gallery's booth at Pulse in Miami. Image is from (Article by Walter Robinson of Artnet. He's posting from Miami. Click on the link and check them out). It would be fun to know if this is some sort of homage to Donald Judd, or is he dissing him or is this just a sly joke ?

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