Thursday, December 13, 2007

Italian Pointillism

For the longest time my searches on the Internet for all things abstract pointillism and abstract calligraphy seemed next to futile. This last year has seen a dramatic change. There are roughly 30 art news and blog sites that I visit daily. Somewhere along the line there will be something worth Googling or pursuing further and amazingly a trail begins and I end up a very happy camper. New artists, new oeuvres, new intellects; sometimes it almost seems quantum the way it works out.

I don't have the slightest clue as to what prompted me to do dots on my paintings years ago, but you can't imagine how encouraging it is to keep coming across artists who experiment with dots and pointillism. Somehow each artist has something new to add. So it was with great delight to come across a lot of images by the Italian artist, Gastone Biggi. It's hard to decide which images to temp you with. Really, you'll just have to go HERE and see more for yourself. Some of his paintings bring to mind Ross Bleckner's work when he was painting cell like objects. has 10 images and the top image is one of 22 images at Galleria Centro Steccata. (This is their main artist page, just scroll down and you can't miss the dot paintings.) Kinda neat to leave the USA for a minute and consider other cultures and visual values. Also, note the dates. It'll help you frame the works within the 20th and 21st Century artistic timeline . . .

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Hans said...

Really nice works, thanks for posting them