Friday, December 28, 2007

More Italians

I had every intention of doing my last post on the Italians, this morning. But fortunately I did one last check on the Internet and found yet more material on Achille Perilli and even a short biography in English. And as seems the case lately, I came across even more artists who seemed to share in this whole expanded train of thought concerning calligraphy.

The image above, titled "FELICULA" is by Enrico Bertelli, from barganews. The writing in the painting reminds me so much of a Cy Twombly work. Enrico was born in 1959, the same year Cy Twombly permanently moved to Rome. In studying the Italian artists who were born in the early 20's, as was Cy, I wonder what, if any interaction they had. What little Art History we know is just the highlights and it's enlightening to encounter all these additional artists who worked in the same vein.

Take a quick trip to Italy and visit barga

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doggybag said...

would like to point out that Enrico Bertelli (from Livorno) was born the same year that Cy arrived in Rome but yes that is a similarity between their works. I have two large Bertelli paintings on my walls in the house here in Barga, Tuscany - both of which I never get bored with.


tackad said...

Thanks for the comment. I was remiss in checking the details. Thanks for being "on your toes".
I enjoyed visiting your blog.