Friday, December 14, 2007

Visiting Gallery Joe

The really great thing about digital photography is that you can have pics without ever printing or paying for printing AND you can also delete, delete, delete. But the bad thing is that we're never organized from the start, and so a year or two later things are pretty much lost and need to be found. So the last hour was spent going through some picture Cd's that I had burned over the years that overlap here and there and are a total mess. BUT, they are correctly labeled now and I was able to find a wonderful picture that brings back fond memories.

It's been long enough now that I don't remember when, but Dale and I went to see all the art galleries in Old City, Philadelphia, PA. What a cool experience. So there's Gallery Joe across the street. we walk over and go into this tiny establishment that specializes in drawing. There's a small front gallery and then we walked 'round into what used to be an old vault and there were three watercolor panel just hanging there. As we stood in that small, quiet room and looked at the monochrome scene before us, we were transported out into the cold silent woods. You could almost hear the snow falling and maybe a Chickadee nearby. Talk about your virtual experiences . . .

You can visit Gallery Joe online. (Looks like they spiffed up the vault.)

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