Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Antonio Sanfilippo

There's not a whole lot I can tell you about Antonio Sanfilippo other than he was born in Partanna on 1923 and died in Roma on 1980.

This image, "Untitled" 1962, mixed media on paper on canvas, is from Artantide.com. What a cavalcade of Italian artists ! We've become so familiar with whatever Art History we know and this will jog your mind a little to see these other artists. The site is in Italian but in the upper right corner you'll see that you can switch to en (English). What you'll also find is that when you switch to English some of the biographies become very pared down or nonexistent altogether. Some searching on the web might shed more light. Most other sites where you'll find their work are also non English sites. I usually do image searches on Google, Yahoo and Clusty and then follow up with a Clusty web search.

This first image speaks to me of letters and calligraphy. That may not have been the intention, but that's how it comes across. It's a large vague shape with the different colors and densities and so abstract that our mind really can't settle on a solution. So we just enjoy the visual sonata before us.
The second image, from equilibriarte.org, looks like a cherry blossom alphabet soup of happiness; carefree and childish.

Having just pursued all things ABMB the first part of December, it really is wonderful to see this work and look at the dates, when it was painted and to realize how all this came before and how it shaped each succeeding generation of artists. And again, it reminds us that there is so much going on all the time and how little we know of the whole process.

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